Wesh Bgriti Karmus?

So last night we had an incredible night out on the town.  It all started a couple weeks ago when we were at the mall, and this guy (Cesar) approached Scott because he had never seen a tattoo like Scott’s before.  They hung out together once, and since it’s Ramadan, this week Cesar asked us if we could come over to his house to break the fast with his family.  They didn’t believe that Americans could speak Arabic and wanted to see for themselves. We happily obliged, picked him up from work, and he took us to his house.

Once we arrived his entire family came to greet us in their beautiful garden.  They live in a more of the countryside, and Cesar’s father has more than a green thumb…practically a green hand!  I loved it.  I proceeded to hang out with all the women, Cesar’s 2 sisters and 3 nieces in the garden.  (The rest of the women were still cooking.)  Scott and all the men went outside the house to hang until time to break the fast.  I learned in total Cesar is one of 7, and his family was so sweet!

We ate f’tour (literally translates as breakfast) and they fed us so much food.  Here’s us with some of the fam. 


Here’s us stuffing our face.

They kept urging Scott to eat more, but we told them we would explode. They laughed.

After we couldn’t put any more food into our bellies, we decided to move back to the garden.  To do what you might ask?  Well of course…to drink more tea and eat cookies.  All the family came out and we showed each other how we could do stupid human tricks (i.e. touch your tongue to your nose), we had thumb wars, and last but not least of course, we arm wrestled.  Scott even took on the patriarch, who at 70 years old is still very strong.

Then came dress up.  Often when you go to someone’s house they want to give you gifts to show you how much they like you.  This family gave us SO many gifts.  It started with Scott.  Cesar’s poppa brought out this white Quaya (and a hat, which of course they made Scott try on.)


Then everybody in the fam wanted their picture with him.


After laughing a lot, this horse drawn “carriage” type thing shows up to take us for a ride.  Scott (still in his Moroccan garb), Cesar, Cesar’s sister, Cesar’s niece, and I all hop on and go for a ride. Here’s Scott driving the reigns.

It actually went pretty fast.  Scott saw a shooting star.  Cesar kept yelling at all the people in the road, “Make way, make way, Scott’s coming through!” like Scott was the king or something.  It was hilarious. Then at the women in the road he yelled, “Watch out.  Ashley’s here.”  This went on for quite a while, until I surprised him and yelled at some people on the road, “Move out of the way!  Cesar is coming through!!”

When we returned from the carriage ride, Cesar’s sister decided it was my turn to dress up.  They gave me an abaya with long sleeves and wedge sandals, and made me pose on the couch for more pictures. 


Then they told me I looked like Jenifer Lopez.  First time in my life I’ve ever been compared to Jennifer Lopez, haha.

Shortly after we said our goodbyes all concluding we’d have to do this again sometime.  Then Cesar took us to a coffee shop to meet up with some of his friends.  After that we stopped at another man only coffee shop to show us a lawn bowling competition.  Then we dropped him back off and headed home.  It was quite a full night!


  1. bethany
    Aug 6, 2013

    this is HILARIOUS!! i’m so glad you have videos up. you guys seem so much more alive 😉

    love seeing your white americanness exploited. so great.

    • Ashley
      Aug 6, 2013

      Thanks Bethany! The whole time we were on that carriage ride I was thinking to myself, “I sort of feel like we are being paraded around…but I’m having so much fun I don’t really care!” Miss you guys!

  2. Todd
    Aug 27, 2013

    What a hoot! Sounds like so much fun. You look great!