Surf Camp

Last week we had the honor and privilege of helping Kai Shapes with hosting a surf camp for a local orphanage. We were able to help out with this camp last year when we were visiting and it was great to be able to play an even larger role this year.  We even had a group of Peace Corps guys come to help along with 4 Texan college students, an Irish couple, and an Australian couple.

The week before camp, my friend Mary and I went shopping for supplies. We got tons of snacks, beach toys, and put together goodie bags for all the kids. We felt like Santa and it was awesome to be able to fill a shopping cart with so much fun. When we were checking out at Marjan (our local Wal-mart type store) I knew we had hit the jackpot when a 9-year-old boy couldn’t keep his eyes off of our cart. The goodie bags were filled with notebooks, crayons, pens, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, candy, cookies, chips, stickers, bouncy balls, and squirt guns.

Everyday of camp, we had about 25 kids. Once the kids arrived we would gather in a big group, do a couple ice breaker games, sing, and dance.  All those years of camp songs I learned definitely payed off this week.



We’d then split them up into 3 different groups, and rotate around.

There was surfing, of course.




Lucky for me, the only qualification to help out with the surfing portion of surf camp is to stand in the water and push kids into waves.



We had a sports on the beach station (soccer, volleyball, etc.):



Though as you can see, soccer was the real hit.

And last but not least, a beach cleanup. The kids actually loved it!  You can turn anything into a game. But it was also nice to have a clean beach.




The last day instead of hitting the beach we went to a local restaurant to all eat couscous. It’s just what you do on Fridays. We were able to pass out all of the goodie bags and show a slideshow of the pictures from the week. The kids loved seeing pictures of themselves, haha.

Conclusion: Kai Shapes Surf Camp 2013 = success.



  1. Duke
    Jul 12, 2013

    How did Will get all the way to Morocco? It looks like him in the grey shirt holding up his arms!!! :)

    • Ashley
      Aug 5, 2013

      Haha, it does look like him a little in that picture. I wish he had come! My folks and Dana are coming today. So excited!!!