Summer is Here

So the past couple weeks since we got back from Spain have been busy, but for the most part uneventful.  The beach clubs down the hill from us have begun pumping techno all day, which is…fun.  But honestly not that annoying.  What is annoying though, is when they decide to have concerts on the beach that start at 10pm and last until 3am.  That’s not so cool.  In the near future we will be investing in some ear plugs.  Here are some recent happenings:

At the Morocco Mall we stumbled across an Elite Model Look casting.  Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of that before, but it was definitely interesting!  Being a closet America’s Next Top Model fan I thoroughly enjoyed watching this process.

Scott grew a mustache.  Then after a week he shaved the mustache!

My definition of fresh eggs changed once the eggs I bought had not only dried poo but also a feather!

Scott knows that I love Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, and really any cooking competition.  So taking that into consideration, he took the time to plate the buffalo chicken grilled cheese he made me beautifully.

And last but not least, this week I’m in the process of getting cushions made for our benches on the porch.  We don’t have language this week (our tutor is out of town) so yesterday I began the process of tackling this project.

Here’s a little story for you.  I drove into town by myself through Casa traffic and finally arrived at the part of town where they sell fabric.  After looking in about 15 different stalls for plain blue and white striped fabric, I came across this one stall with two very nice men (who still did not have the fabric) but committed to helping me find what I was looking for.  This one older man (probably my dad’s age) from the stall took me to another 15 different stalls…to no avail.  He then looks at me and asks if I have a car.  I said yes.  He then said there was another place that might have the fabric I was looking for, that wasn’t too far away by car.

Now let me just say, normally in the States, I would never let some man I just met in my car.  Ever.  But things are different here.  I mean, there are plenty of instances in which I would never let some random man in my car.  But I had already spent about an hour with him tromping by foot all over this market.  He seemed kind, helpful, and not sketchy.

So I said, “Alright, hop on in.”  We drove to a different part of town, looked in 3 more stores, and I found the exact fabric I wanted!  And for a cheaper price than I expected!  Overall success!  It only took 3 hours, and a car ride with a random man.

So, I’m taking the fabric to the tailor today.  Hopefully soon I can post some pics of the finished product.  But knowing the speed at which things are done here in Morocco, I’m not holding my breath.



  1. Uncle Duke
    Jun 27, 2013

    These are great stories! Glad to hear you are both well! What an adventure!?!?

  2. bethany
    Jul 8, 2013

    i’m glad you got your fabric and the random man was indeed helpful and kind! be safe, love you! <3