Moroccan Family Christmas Party

So, this post is EXTREMELY late.  About a month or so.  But I wanted to write about it and share some photos because we had so much fun.

About 2 weeks before Christmas, we decided to host a Christmas party for our Moroccan family.  (The ones that have sort of adopted us.)  Since I absolutely LOVE Christmas, we thought it would be fun to share our holiday traditions with them.  We borrowed a friend’s van and Scott drove to their house to pick them all up…the entire family couldn’t come…but 16 of them piled into the van to come over for our party.



DSCF0756I had made an entire Christmas dinner.  Roast chicken (a whole turkey is a little bit more difficult to come by), stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and rolls.  Half of them loved it.  The other half were too afraid to try any of it because it is so different from their normal food, haha.



After dinner, one of the brothers commandeered our Christmas music to put on Moroccan music.  And of course a dance party ensued.







Afterwards, we served sugar cookies and hot chocolate, which were DEVOURED!  Moroccans love their sugar!



Previously that week, at the souk (the weekly market) I had come across some soccer socks of two well known teams.  It just so happens that those teams are red and green.  So…I bought 24 red and white, and red and green striped socks to use as stockings for our Moroccan family.  I filled the stockings with fun toys, candies, chocolates, and nuts.  I think those that didn’t eat any dinner were really stoked to receive their stocking cause they had something to eat!





DSCF0762The party ended about 1am, Scott drove them back home, and got back around 2am.  It was a late night, but fun was had by all!



  1. Duke
    Jan 23, 2014

    Great!! I always love to see your posts. It’s also fun to see the Moroccan family you’ve come to know. Funny that only 16 of them could get into the van (that breaks a record for the number of people I’ve seen get into a van). Also interesting that the food you described sounded too scary to eat!!!! Wow – I guess you never think that your own food (especially basics like chicken, potatoes and green beans) are scary.

    Keep up the great blogs! Miss you guys!

  2. Laura
    Jan 25, 2014

    This looks really nice – we have trouble trying to throw traditional (well, traditional for us) holidays and Christmas is the worst. It’s David’s favorite holiday and I always feel like I’m letting him down, but this year I was able to make an Advent calendar and we hung a ton of “garland”. Most people told us it was ghetto or didn’t get it, but I know it really made David happy. It’s amazing the things you learn to make overseas :) Thanks for posting!

    • Ashley
      Feb 11, 2014

      Laura, so good to hear from you! And glad to hear you guys are making the most of holidays overseas. Hope you and David are doing well!

  3. Ashley L
    Feb 5, 2014

    Stinkin’ love this! This people make me :)