It’s Christmas Time!!!

So as many of you know, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year.  In fact, this is the very first of my 27 years on Earth that I have spent Christmas away from home.  At first I thought it would be hard staying here for Christmas (since no one celebrates it here and we are so far away from family).  But living here, in the absence of nativity scenes, carols, lights, cards, eggnog, Santa, and A Christmas Story on repeat, has actually made my love of Christmas increase.  I’m even crazier about Christmas now because of all the lack of Christmas cheer around me.  And I am LOVING IT!  Not to mention, we have a great community of people here, and some family is coming to us for the holiday!  Scott’s dad and stepmom arrive on Sat. and we are SO EXCITED.  (You can tell the I, Ashley, am writing this because Scott is never SO EXCITED about anything.  He just gets excited…except maybe for good swells, the fact that we are having a baby, or family visiting…then I guess he’s “so excited.”)

Anyways, we (ok, really just me) were extremely happy to be able to find a French florist in the city that sells real Christmas trees.  We had to spend a pretty penny on it…but come on, it’s worth it!IMG_1462


They even had one of those cool machines to bag it all up for us to put on top of our car.



When we got the tree home, we were setting it up and found a bird’s nest inside!  I guess they tend to remove those before trees are sold in America.



Here’s the beautiful decorated tree in all it’s glory.



Another fun thing I did was get a tailor to make stockings.  A friend and I went into the city in search of beautiful couch fabrics that would make a good stocking.  And boy were we successful.  It took about 3 hours, just shopping for all the components.IMG_1445


It was hilarious trying to explain the concept of “Christmas Socks” to the couple that owns the tailor shop, but they did an incredible job!IMG_1478


Preparations are in full swing!  8 more days till Christmas!




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  1. Duke
    Dec 18, 2013

    Great! Seems like you are making a tradition all your own!!!!! :)