It Feels Like Home

So once the summer started, I have been working like crazy to accomplish things around the house.  (Which in turn has meant that Scott has had to work like crazy to install everything around the house.)  He is a great hubby!  Since the walls are pretty much made of cement, hanging photos or lamps is quite an undertaking.  Not like back home when you can just hammer a nail into a wall.

Regardless, it all started when our language tutor went out of town and we had the week off.  And I guess because accomplishing anything here in Morocco takes a lot of time, I took advantage of that week.  Since then we’ve just been on a roll.  Not sure if it’s because I want things to look nice before my fam comes, or if it’s because now I feel like I have enough language to communicate what I want, or what.  But regardless…our house feels like home.

Here are my finished cushions for our outside porch area.

And it’s official, WE LOVE THIS PORCH.  Sitting out here for any meal, sipping coffee, listening to the ocean with a cool breeze and this view…

It feels like vacation all the time.  It’s awesome.

We also finally hung some photos in our living room.

Each one is a photo Scott has taken and is significant to us for various reasons.  We had Studio Said print them out, and then I took them into town to an incredible place that laminated them onto wood (12 photos only costs $26 US).

Last but not least, we got rid of the ugly shrimp lights that were hanging in our living room, and replaced them with awesome Moroccan lanterns.  In fact we ended up hanging a bunch of Moroccan lanterns to also cover all the bare lightbulbs that were hanging in the hallways and kitchen.



Next projects: Find a 3 person seat to replace the 2 person back seat in our car before my family comes to visit; surf board rack for Scott.