Black Friday Petting Zoo

Today I went to the Wednesday souk.  Here in our little town, all the people from the neighboring areas gather on Wednesdays to set up this market and sell their wares.  It only happens on Wednesdays so everybody goes and makes a day of it to buy everything they will need for the upcoming week.  You can find everything from fruits and veggies, bread, chickens, fish, clothing, pots and pans, furniture, cds, ect.  I’ve gone twice before, but today…today was different.

Today the souk was INSANE.  It was CRAWLING with people!  You see, there will be no souk next week; so everybody was stocking up for 2 weeks worth of things.  There will be no souk because next Tuesday or Wednesday (we aren’t sure since it depends on the moon) is the Aid L’kbir.  This is probably the biggest holiday in Morocco.  It’s to celebrate when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, and then God provided a ram instead.  Regardless, every family in Morocco buys a sheep (or if you’re poor, a couple families go in together).  The sheep lives at your house until the holiday, either in your garden, porch, or even your bathroom.  Then on the day of the Aid, everybody hangs up their sheep from a high place, slaughters it, drains its blood according to specific religious practices, and over the next week or so eats every single part of the sheep…starting with the innards. Unfortunately, we will be missing the holiday this year because we will be visiting friends and family in AMERICA!!!  (Can’t wait!!!!)

It’s been such an interesting week though.  All these “sheep pens” just pop up around the city.  The closest thing I can compare it to is a pumpkin patch around halloween, or a Christmas tree stand.  Everybody talks about if they’ve gotten their sheep yet, then they go pick out a sheep, see how fat it is, round, or plump…and once they’ve picked out the perfect one, they take it home.  I even saw somebody stuffing a sheep into the trunk of a big taxi (of course with some yelling from the taxi driver that the passenger would have to pay extra for the “luggage”).  So all that to say, today was definitely a cultural experience.  It was exactly like a black friday petting zoo.

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  1. Susan
    Oct 11, 2013

    That. is. WILD!