America Trip: Stop #1 Fort Lauderdale

So I haven’t posted in an insanely long time and that is because we went on a whirlwind month long trip to the States!  The family, friends, and food were all incredible, and we had a WONDERFUL time!

We flew in and out of FL, as that was/is sort of our home base.  It’s funny.  I was processing how I feel about the word “home” and I’ve come to realize I have 3 homes.  Morocco is definitely home now, FL is still home (all Scott’s extended family is there and the majority of our friends), but NC is also home (since Scott and I both grew up there and the majority of our immediate family live there.)  Anyways, here’s some pics from our time in FL.

We hosted the Kai Surf Promo Party in Fort Lauderdale, and had a pretty good turnout.


Thanks Josh for all your help in promoting the event!



And of course the fam came out to support us! Thanks Chuck and Sarah for all your help setting everything up!


Scott went on a mini spear-fishing trip to the keys for a bachelor party weekend for JustiGiamba.

While some of my dearest friends gathered to host a baby shower for me!

(Still haven’t gotten those pics from my sweet friends though.)

We hung out with tons of people…like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee dates everyday. (Though that much social interaction can be somewhat exhausting, it mostly is just absolutely wonderful that we have a such an incredible community.)

These friends hosted a wonderful pig out night for us with pizza, wings, and cheese fries!  Yum!


You can never go wrong with a Laspada’s Sub.


We love our friends!!


Of course we had to see sweet Momma Deb.


And last but not least here is an adorable pic of Scott’s grandparents.


  1. bethany
    Nov 29, 2013

    woohoo!! i’m famous!!


    what sweet memories! you always have a home in my warm embrace <3

    love you, friend!

  2. keith boulware
    Nov 30, 2013

    So good seeing you, you are very much in our thoughts & heart!

  3. Duke
    Dec 2, 2013

    Thanks for sharing!