About Us

Originally from North Carolina, more recently from South Florida, and now living in Morocco, we are the Romigs. Scott loves surfing (like he has gills, and has to be in the water everyday or he will die) and I (Ashley) enjoy people, good food, and tea…lots of tea.

We are just a couple of Americans who fell in love with the people and culture of North Africa. Previously Scott spent 6 months in Egypt teaching English as a foreign language and taking in the culture of the “sons of the Nile.” During college, I spent a year abroad in Morocco, learning Darija (Moroccan Arabic) and studying the kingdom’s intricate culture.

After being married for a little over three years, a spectacular opportunity to live and work in Morocco came up and we jumped on it. We plan to dedicate some time to language learning, then hopefully join Kai Shapes to build the surf tours side of their business. As you may presume, Scott is very excited about living in a surf destination and working for a surf business. Personally, I’m excited about couscous (hence our blog’s name), making new friends, mint tea, and cookies.

We hope you enjoy our stories about the funny, the frustrating, and the fantastic aspects of living life in Morocco…